Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dial Code Santa Clause




Deadly Games aka Dial Code Santa Clause aka 3615 Code Père Noel, 1990/ 87 min.



Ten year old Thomas has everything a kid could ever want, his mother owns toy stores and he has the best. Plus he’s a genius, built his own computer and fixed his mother’s car. But his friend, Pilou, says Santa doesn’t exist and now Thomas wants to find out for himself if Santa is real.


And his Mom is pulling out all the stops to ‘prove’ he’s real. Meanwhile, Thomas is home on his computer and he gets in contact with Santa himself. And finds him on a message board, of course. And he’s spliced into the security cams at home to capture video of him. He’s ready!


Christmas Eve, a toy store Santa is fired for striking an unruly child. Upon over hearing a phone call, the disgruntled, newly fired employee, finds out where his boss lives, who incidentally, is Thomas’ mother.


Thomas does get to see Santa...killing his beloved dog, J.R.


This kid not only has a mullet to end all kid mullets but a truly amazing playroom that is Madmax/PippiLongstocking-esque and a sound system to go with it. It’s absolutely amazing! Think French version of Master Bates from the movie, The Toy.

This is a thriller with some strong Home Alone vibes but much sadder moments.


This movie is a thriller and there’s some blood, some violence against kids and a dog in this movie. Very good soundtrack but the audio is french with English subtitles. This movie was fun, then harrowing, then sad.


The creator of this flick sued the creator of Home Alone for theft of the concept because it is so similar.


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