Macabre...ish Horror Review: Diener




Die-ner, 2009/ 75 min.


A stranger named Ken shoots the breeze with a server at a diner one evening and eventually confides in her that he’s a serial killer. And she takes is about as well as you might expect.

He ends up killing the staff and storing their bodies in the walk-in. When people keeping coming in, Ken decides to takeover their roles, he acts as if he works there and actually starts waiting on customers that come in, chatting them up and shooting the breeze with the local sheriff that hangs out there everyday. 

When Ken gets aggravated that his weird little game is falling apart when he can’t keep up and the now dead employees are up and walking around. They wander out of the freezer and in his shock that this is happening and his attempt to keep it all together, he’s starting to weird out the guests. So he drops the charade.

He keeps one couple alive to continue to terrorize and help him keep the zombies under control. Not just the ones inside but outside too. You see, his other victims are also undead and like moths to a light, coming straight to the diner. 

Meanwhile, the couple is trying to survive him and the zombies. 

This is all terrible but Ken is actually starting to enjoy this and finding it fascinating. 


Ken has some serious Edward Norton vibe and he’s hilariously honest about who he is an what he’s done.


This movie is a little bit insane. If you ever wanted to fantasize about what the zombie apocalypse might be if It happened while a serial killer was busy killing. And if said killer, had a pretty good attitude about it and sense of humor about the whole thing. This is the movie for you!



This a low budget indie, zombie comedy and the entire movie happens in and around this diner. It’s dialogue heavy but it’s got a good cast. There are very few people in this movie but they are the right cast. It has a solid concept, it’s not too graphic and we’ve seen better physical effects and cinematography but it’s a low budget indie. This was really entertaining!