Macabre...ish Horror Review: Do Not Disturb




Do Not Disturb aka New Terminal Hotel, 2010/ 98 min


A struggling film maker, Don Malick (Stephen Geoffreys) has an idea for a movie and it includes an actual murder. He wants revenge after the death of his girlfriend and so he’s working up to it.

First, he drugs and kidnaps a studio exec, Stanley, in a seedy motel, keeping him alive in the tub, covered in ice. It’s part of a much bigger plan for an authentic story, he’s going to play the process out in real life.

 Meanwhile his manager, Ava (Tiffany Shepis), is hounding him for the script but it’s not ready and he seems to be sabotaging his deal. But she freaks out when the exec come wandering out of the bathroom, in bad shape.

Don confesses that he plans on tearing him apart, piece by piece. But then he dumped Stanley at a bus stop, alive but in bad shape. Ava knows way more about it than she wants too but still wants that script.

 Then Don has a degenerate neighbor, Spitz (Ezra Buzzington) who fights prostitutes, records their interactions, drinks like a fish and happens to be in a wheelchair. And well, his whole revenge idea takes a turn and begins to extend to other people because frankly, seemingly everyone he knows is sleaze and he’s weirdly casual about it all. Then Ava sees a use for him.

It is quickly spiraling out of control and ends as suddenly as it begins.

This movie is not amazing but totally grew on me as I watched it. I was surprised by the cast, it has Corey Haim and Stephen Geoffreys in it and the characters are oddly fascinating. It is graphic and somewhat bloody and there is quite a bit of nudity and adult scenes. Also it is kind of a hopeless movie but I liked it.