Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dog Soldiers



Dog Soldiers, 2002/ 105 min.



This movie begins in the Highlands of Scotland with a couple being slaughtered while camping.



Later, British soldiers are carrying out training exercises in the Highlands. And they are punctuated by random occurrences of bloodshed that are either brushed off of assumed to be a part of the game until, they happen upon an area with one person injured raving person and plenty of blood.


Is this part of the exercise?


As the unit calls this incident in and confronts whatever this is, and they are not ready for it or equipped to fight it. They take on casualties and injuries and decide the exercise is over.


They take refuge in a house after being rescued by a zoologist, Megan, that happens to be in the area and investigating stories of werewolves and she mistakes this team, for a rescue unit.


They find themselves hopelessly unprepared and hope to survive until sunrise.



Many of the kills are from the wolf point of view. The cinematography is often close up and POV. The cast is good! The death scenes and effects are good and gory.

Though there is some lag with a lot of dialogue, it picks up and, I think, is worth the wait. There are some good twists and lousy double crosses in this movie as well. 


Its available here on itunes. Enjoy! 





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