Macabre...ish Horror Review: Doghouse

Doghouse, 2009/ 1 hr 29 min

Childhood friends (Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Stephen Graham, Lee Ingleby, Keith-Lee Castle, Emil Marwa, Neil Maskell) all in their own dysfunctional relationships, get together to lift the spirits of one who’s getting divorced.

The plan: To meet up at a local pub and take a party bus to the house of one of their grandparents for some guy time. And as expected, it’s not quite that smooth.

One of them, almost doesn’t make it because everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. 

Then the rest arrive to a seemingly empty little village and the house they were supposed to be staying in, seems to be under construction.



And though it seems empty, they soon discover it is not. But something terrible has happened to the residents and whatever it is, is going to get the guys killed. The village is populated by monsters and every one of them are women. After a while, they start to evolve and become even more dangerous. 



As the friends run, hide and fight for survival they discover the cause and just what’s happened to all the men and Mikey’s grandmother.



One of them survives being eaten, another survives being attacked and stored in a nest in the sewer amongst a pile of bodies. 



But some how find a way to slow them down, if not stop them all together. If they don’t screw it up first.



This is a British horror comedy. It is graphic, gory and sometimes rough to watch because the physical effects are awesome! It’s a buddy flick, which makes it very easy to watch despite the fact that it’s gross! It had good pacing and cinematography, well done!


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