Macabre...ish Horror Review: Don’t Grow Up



Don’t Grow Up, 2015/ 1 hr 21 min


Some delinquents wake up as usual in their youth center and discover they are alone. No adults anywhere. At first it’s a thrill but after a while it gets old once the food runs out and no adults turn up. Then one of them, Bastian (Fergus Riordan), notices something strange and at the same time, the other kids notice the emergency alert, warning them to stay inside. And the island is completely shut down.

When they finally see an adult, she seems to have gone insane. She snaps her young daughters neck but just before, the little girl tells him to stay away, the adults have gone mad. Then the others find out when one is beaten to death and another is attacked by one of their own.

As they escape they notice the chaos and destruction, adults are either crazed or dead and the kids are running scared. Well those not killed by their parents. Whatever has happened, only happened to the adults. After reading a suicide note and listening to terrible voicemails, they find out what’s happened.

They have to get off the island and on to the mainland, unless it’s happened there too. And it is dangerous, insane adults, terrified little kids and time, are all trying to kill them. They discover that the older kids are at risk of turning as they mature.

This British film has a zombie movie feel and if you like the books, Cell (King) or The Dead Series (Higdon), you may like this. This is violent and graphic plus graphic violence against kids. It’s sad and at times, poignant. I enjoyed this flick.