Macabre...ish Horror Review: Doom




Doom, 2005/ 105 min. The movie begins with people running through a facility, being chased by some sort of monster. A doctor, Carmack (Doug Jones), makes it to safety just long enough to initiate quarantine procedures before the hatch is ripped open. As a result, scientists are locked down in a science lab and Marines






are sent in to on a Code Red to assess threat level, recover UAC property and quarantine both Ark portals by any means necessary and if necessary, search and destroy.





Upon arriving on the Mars side of the Ark, the team is further updated and meets a doctor of forensic archaeology, Dr. Grimm (Rosamund Pike)






who happens to be twin to one of the unit, Reaper (Karl Urban). They learn the lab has 3 levels, archeology, genetics and weapons research.

The team is there to recover genetics research. Specifically about subject Lucy, who has an extra synthetic chromosome which makes her super intelligent, super strong and super fit.

Her cells divide 50 times faster meaning she heals almost instantly and further tests indicate that those people concurred disease. Fossil evidence indicated no genetic disorders, no viruses and no cancers. 



While clearing the levels, they find evidence of the carnage that happened there. Bloody clothing, body parts and impossibly ripped open hatches. They also find Dr. Carmack, seemingly in shock holding someone’s arm, he suddenly tears off one of his ears.





They keep discovering crazed scientists and discover that they’re not just crazy. They’re evolving into monsters after having been bitten by something that’s loose in the facility. And it’s discerning. It only changes some and kills others. One by one, the team is being hunted and taken out.





As a result the entire facility is being evacuated. During examination of one of the monsters they killed, it’s determined to be human, infected with the extra chromosome.


The infected are carrying the 24th chromosome and infecting others with it. The rest, the person becomes more evolved human or monster. Sarge’s (The Rock/Dwayne Johnson) final order is to kill everything left alive in the facility, nothing gets through the Ark. 





In the end, the truth of everything about this place is uncovered. 


I enjoyed this movie! Good story, good pacing, good effects. It’s more gory than bloody and there are some jump scares. The fight scenes, kills and transformations are interesting. I also like the interesting characters (casted extremely well, I might add!), each person in the Marine unit is uniquely different and I really like that but they work well together any way.


And I also really appreciate the intricacies of the story line. Though it’s hardly surprising since it’s based on a video game. I’m no gamer but I usually enjoy movies based on games.