Macabre...ish Horror Review: Doomsday



Doomsday, 2008/ 108 min.



In 2008, Scotland is devastated by a killer virus, called The Reaper Virus. In desperation, the British government, build a massive wall, in order to contain the infection. The quarantine, while considered a success, destroyed diplomatic and economic relations between the Uk and the rest of the world. The result is extreme economic turmoil, civil unrest and a dystopian collapse.


Almost 30 years later, The Reaper Virus turns up in London. The Prime Minister, believing a cure exists in Scotland because survivors have been seen by satellite, orders a medical team to find it.


Going in is a team led by Maj. Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), born in Scotland,





crossed the wall and upon searching the abandoned hospitals, they are attacked by cannibalistic marauders. They take heavy losses and Sinclair and another doctor, Talbot (Sean Pertwee), are captured and interrogated. The leader, Sol (Craig Conway),wants to use them to invade England.






After the interrogation, Sol leaves for a sacrificial ceremony and unfortunately, Talbot, is on the menu, he is cooked alive and eaten.





Meanwhile, Sinclair escapes and kills Viper





(Lee-Ann Liebenberg) Sol's second and escapes on a train. At the same time in London, the Prime Minister plans to quarantine London but before he can, an infected man breaks into his office to kill him. He is splashed with the man's blood and commits suicide.


Sinclair finds another group, a medieval one,




led by Kane (Malcolm McDowell), Sol's father. Who's become sadistic and twisted after losing his wife. Sinclair among other's are sentenced to death.


There's a lot going on with this movie but it is fast moving and action packed. When it's violent, it's brutal. When it's gory, it's graphic. Seriously unexpected ending! But it's entertaining for sure and you will be lost if you don't pay attention. I enjoyed it!


P.S. This was made in UK, Germany, South Africa and US.





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