Macabre...ish Horror Review: Down




Down, 2019/ 81 min



Two strangers are trapped in an office building’s elevator over a long weekend and Valentines weekend at that. It suddenly stops and then there’s nothing, the call and alarm buttons aren’t working but the lights and tv are still on. And good news, there’s also no cell signal, because unfortunately for them, they are 4 stories underground.


They may be the last two people in the building. Which is weird because the building has security and a camera in the elevator. Luckily, they get along. Only 80 hours to go.


They pass the time drinking wine, having a great time, talking and peeing in all available containers. Then something changes. The fun evaporates and reality sets in when Guy admits his name isn’t guy. He isn’t new to the building and he knows her.


After outing himself, it is down hill from there. This movie is disturbing and bloody. There’s violence, nudity and an adult scene. This psychological more than anything, with an American Psycho feel. This is an episode of the Into The Dark anthology, season 1, episode 5.