Macabre...ish Horror Review: Downrange



Downrange, 2017/ 1 hr 31 min.




Friends are on a roadtrip for a surprise party when the get a flat tire. While changing the tire, one if them sees a round fall from the blown tire. As soon as they realize what’s happened. Someone starts shooting.



Catastrophic head shots that no one is recovering from and there’s very little cover, except the car. And they have no idea where the shooter is or why they’re being shot at.



So what do they do? Wait until dark? Run for the trees? Hope another car comes? Try to drive the car away? Every time they move, shots are fired and the shooter has great aim. And finally another vehicle does come and everything quickly gets worse and more horrific. The end was unexpected in so many ways!



This was created by the director of Midnight Meat Train! The cinematography is nice! And the effects are really graphic and well done. This movie is bloody, gory and hopeless. I wasn’t expecting much but this movie really drew me in. I really enjoyed this one!