Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dread


Dread, 2009/ 108 min.


Speaking of Clive Barker, another movie based on a story in his Books of Blood collection of short stories by the same name.


Some college kids undertake a 'fear study' for a school project and begin by recording people discussing their greatest fears. But one of them, Quaid, is a psychopath and after witnessing his parents killed by an axe murderer, as a child. He still has vivid visions and nightmares of the event. It has become his greatest fear. Now he wants to put people through their greatest fear and see how they cope.


Stephen is plagued by guilt after his brother dies while driving drunk. Cheryl was molested by her dad who worked in a meat packing plant and because he smelled of meat while attacking her, she can't stand the smell and won't touch meat.





Quaid forces her to face her fear by kidnapping her and leaving her in a locked room with a steak, days pass and the steak becomes more putrid and maggot infested by the day. He wants to see how long it will be before she eats it.





Joshua fears going deaf again after being temporarily deaf after a childhood accident.





Abby has a birthmark that covers half her body and she fears it will be discovered. One by one, Quaid brings all their fears to pass and it destroys them all. There is quite the disturbing twist at the end.



This movie is disturbing and graphic. Some nudity and adult scenes. It's very much a psychological thriller. Dark cinematography. Expect blood, gore, sexual scenes and jump scares. It's a brutal watch. Enjoy!




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