Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dreamcatcher




Dreamcatcher, 2003/ 134 min.





For childhood friends, Beaver (Jason Lee), Jonesy (Damian Lewis), Henry (Thomas Jane) and Pete (Timothy Olyphant) get together for their yearly hunting trip in Maine. They have a very unique bond that ties them with another childhood friend, Duddits (Donnie Wahlberg), they are all telepaths. They befriended him as kids when bullies tried to force the terrified disabled boy to eat dog waste, down by the tracks.





At the cabin, Jonesy rescues a sick hunter and as his illness work sen, strange things are happening like all the animals in the woods are all fleeing at once, in the same direction. There’s unusual helicopter activity and the area has been quarantined. Their visitor, the hunter ends up dying on the toilet, with a giant hole in his rear, as if something has chewed or burrowed it’s way out. And there’s a strange red algae like substance growing on places where the hunter’s been. Also, whatever came out of him is still in the toilet,  it’s all teeth and strong as hell.





This thing has laid eggs and multiplied, the red algae is some kind of spore. One of the guys dies trying to keep the rest safe from what can only be described as a gut mining butt worm. And half of it’s body is teeth. When Jonesy returns to the cabin, he sees horror and an explosion that causes him to be possessed by an alien, with an English accent and calls himself Mr. Grey. It runs through his mind searching for information and sometimes hijacks his body.


There is a much bigger story here an invasion, at least decades in the making and all 5 childhood friends have been preparing and waiting for it, without having a clue.


This is another interesting tale by Stephen King. Lots of recognizable faces with an interesting concept and story. It’s graphic and at times, gory. Nice ending! The effects are good. I enjoyed the story.




P.S. Morgan Freeman is in this, playing a different character than we’re used too. Donnie Wahlberg too and I think this is his best performance.




Ready to watch it? It’s here on itunes. Enjoy!



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