Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dredd


Dredd, 2012/ 95 min.


Earth has become a dystopic wasteland and on the east coast is violent metropolis, housing 800 million people and every day, 17,000 serious crimes are reported.



Also, there is now only one law enforcement agency, the Judges. They are judge, jury and executioner. And there is a new recruit, Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), who is also a powerful psychic and Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is given the task of evaluating her. They are sent in to Peach Trees, a 200 story slum, to investigate a drug den.



It also happens to be the domain of Ma-Ma (Lena Headley). A notorious drug lord, formerly Madeline Madrigal, she manufactures a drug known a Slo-Mo, it decreases the users perception down to 1%.



She’s also a monster. She’s killed people by skinning them alive, after they’ve been injected with Slo-Mo. she executed rogue drug dealers this way. She’s also gauged out a man’s eyes but then replaced them with prosthetics.


Once inside Peace Trees, the Judges are trapped inside when Ma-Ma takes control of the tower’s security system and seals the building, making escape or entrance impossible. And orders the Judges killed. Forcing them to fight their way through a building full of armed thugs. Other Judges arrive but are convinced that the system has malfunctioned. Anderson is taken hostage and Dredd kills 4 corrupt Judges, as he travels up the building to Ma-Ma’s penthouse.


Eventually Dredd and Anderson make to the penthouse and after acquiring the code from her security expert. They confront her. She warns them that if anything happens to her, explosives will detonate.


This is a good story, brutal and seriously violent. It’s a sci fi action movie and it’s graphic, they show everything and the effects are very good! The cast is great and the movie is well paced. The end is also satisfying. Very good!


                Those effects tho..




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