Macabre…ish Horror Review: Drive Thru



Drive Thru, 2007/ 1 hr 31 min


Some aggressive customers go to a drive thru to make an order and go into the seemingly closed restaurant after being offended by the clown taking their order. The wannabe gangsters search the premises and finds a deadly clown.


The first one in is found face down in the fryer. And the second one is slammed on to the service table and hacked up by the same clown.



A party winds down to a few friends smoking and playing ouija, the planchette flies across the board on it’s own. It seems to spell nonsense that ends up being a license plate on an SUV full of teens. Horny the Clown (Van De La Plante) shows up and slaughters them all.


The next morning, the suv is on the news but there are no bodies, just blood. Later, MacKenzie (Leighton Meester) get’s creepy, super personal answers from her ‘magic 8 ball’ and later in the Yearbook darkroom, she is developing photos from her lost camera that was recovered by Lenny the janitor (Sean Whalen) and many of the images are terrifying. Then she sees a photo of herself, taken moments before. She turns around and the clown in chasing her through the school.


In the gym she finds another student with her head cooking in a microwave. Wherever she runs, he always seems to be right behind her, his crass and weird voice sometimes blaring out of the school’s intercom. And when she finally runs into help, as expected, no one at the school believes her.


The police, Det. Brenda Chase (Lola Glaudini) and Dwayne Crockers (Larry Joe Campbell)  are investigating to find out if there even is a crime. Whatever this is, it’s communicating via  toys.


Later at the end of school carnival and the carnage begins again in the haunted tunnel ride. There is one witness and survivor, Fisher (Nicholas D’Agosto), Mackenzie’s boyfriend, but he’s traumatized and the cop’s only lead. All the victims are friends but their parents have an old secret and might know what’s going on.


Soon there is another message via vending machine toy ‘See you at 4:20’. But 4:20 is not a time and Mackenzie and Fisher knows where Horny will strike next and who the victim will be.


This story ends with a gruesome birthday party, reminiscent of Happy Birthday To Me but with a deranged and evil clown.




This indie horror is not bad. It seems a lot more violent and gory than it actually is. What physical effects, there are, are good. Horny the Clown is a great character, scary, fast and relentless with his crass hokey one liners. He is the reason I watched and like this some times cringey and offensive movie. Not to mention the cast, though good, a lot of this acting is over the top and ridiculous. But I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t make it past the first few minutes. There are extras after the credits.


Also in this movie is Penn Badgely and Morgan Spurlock