Macabre...ish Horror Review: Drone



Drone, 2020/ 97 min


A serial killer known as ‘The Violater’ (Neil Sandilands) is finally hunted down by the police and not only did they find his latest victim but they are hot on his heels. Cornered on the roof of his building and holding his drone, he starts reciting binary code and then he’s struck by lightning.

Afterward, on his way home, a detective has the drone and after talking to his daughter who announces she’s glad the killer is dead, the drone attacks and the car flips.

The drone then ends up in a couple’s, Rachel (Alex Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton), yard who immediately uses it to spy on their neighbors. But then the drone begins spying on the wife who becomes afraid of it. It’s been recording them in bed and using the computer, sabotaging their life.

The dog, Hector (Austin), is constantly trying to alert them when the drone moves around the house, even after he is finally moved outside. But the drone has it in for that dog.

Then it escalates to trying to kill them and their neighbors. After Rachel stomps the drone and badly damages it, it goes looking for it’s brother, it’s human brother, for help.

And as expected, no one believes them. But the drone didn’t choose them for no reason but what it wants is impossible but then it happens.

This movie follows the Chucky formula (run from cops after being terrible then do a spell/code with the intent of putting his spirt/personality into an object then get struck by lightning, which causes the transfer.) But the vessel is a drone, instead of doll. I liked this movie but every moment the drone was supposed to be scary, I thought it was funny instead. This is more of a solid thriller than horror film but I enjoyed