Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dumplings



Dumplings, 2004/ 91 min.


Aunt Mei (Bai Ling) sells the secret to her youthfulness from her apartment, or dumpling shop, in the form of dumplings. And the women that come have their meal fresh and without us, the viewer, really knowing what it is, her customers definitely do. And struggle to eat it their first time and then struggle with it morally, afterward. Especially Mrs. Lee (Miriam Yeung), desperation keeps her coming back.

Soon she is in need of something more potent but more potency means Aunt Mei needs something very unique and hard to come by. And as luck would have it, it shows up at her door one day.

Everything falls apart when Mr. Lee (Tony Leung Ka-fai) shows up at Aunt Mei’s door after over hearing his wife complain to her about side effects. The unexpected happens and Mrs. Lee goes to extremes to keep her husband.

Well this movie was an interesting tale. It’s not a scary movie but has horrific aspects to it that definitely make it horror. It’s a quintessential be careful what you wish for story with some revenge mixed in. It is graphic and has some adult scenes. The cinematography is very nice plus it has a good story and good pacing.

 P.S. If you have Misophonia, skip this, all the chewing and mouth stuff will drive you crazy.


Trigger warning: Abortion, infanticide