Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dying Breed


Dying Breed is another one in the After Dark Horrorfest 3 Series. Adventurer friends, in search of a rare tiger, enter an interesting (read: eerie as hell!) isolated, little township in Tasmania. The story on this place is it was once the home of an infamous man called ‘The Pieman’, also he was a cannibal and it would appear that, that sickening heritage is still a thing around here. But wait, there’s more! Something is really off about these folks, yes even more than the murderous, cannibalism and inbreeding. With the added bonus of them evidently needed to add new blood to the gene pool, unfortunately for any women who may find themselves in this stretch of the woods.



This movie is really good, scary, brutal, gory, bloody,’s got everything. Including (warning) a lady killing a litter of puppies with a hammer. It also has sexual assault and forced pregnancy.


By the way, the puppy killing lady is my hero in this movie! The location this movie is filmed is beautiful and in quite the contrast to the heinous brutality of this movie and frankly, kind of makes it worse.


This movie is horrific and as our friends are picked off, it feels very hopeless. The kills are so gruesome and it’s chilling in a way that makes you nervous about stopping in a small town in the middle of nowhere.


Made in 2008, and runs for 92 minutes with English and Spanish subtitles.



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