Macabre…ish Horror Review: Dylan Dog



Dylan Dog, 2010/ 1 hr 48 min


Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) protected all the creatures of the night before he retired to be a private investigator. He catches cheating spouses and insurance fraudsters. He also has an assistant, Marcus (Sam Huntington), who is desperate to be partner.

Then he gets a call about a murdered man who was killed by a werewolf and since the police doesn’t believe his daughter, Elizabeth (Anita Briem), she calls Dylan. He doesn’t give it a thought and turns it down. He doesn’t want that life anymore.

He’s forced to change his mind when Marcus is attacked at the office by a creature. Dylan returns to the trade, he needs to find out who or what killed his friend. So he goes back to his old stomping grounds to visit an old werewolf clan, led by Gabriel (Peter Stormare), who owns meat packing plants in the area, threatening their truce.

It was worth it though, he got that info he was looking for. But it’s not good news, it points to a war between monsters and humans. Elizabeth holds the key to the night dwellers killing spree. Plus new players in town, monster hunters, that are stirring things up and disrupting the balance.

And The True Bloods, Vargas (Taye Diggs) specifically, are looking for the Heart of Bilial, he has big plans! But he’s not the only one and Dylan has to get to the bottom of this before it’s out war. But first he needs to talk to vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies and monster hunters to piece it all together.

Good flick with a good cast! Paced well, funny and solid fight scenes. For all the monsters and body parts it’s not particularly graphic or gory.