Macabre…ish Horror Review: Easter Bunny Massacre



Easter Bunny Massacre, 2021/ 1 hr 25 min

aka Easter Killing



Some friends (and frenemies) go on a camping trip on Easter weekend before they part ways to college. And it’s off to an awkward start when one is caught calling another a slut and betting she’ll be pregnant by the end of the year.


They seem to put their differences aside to drink and party all night. After most of them black out for the evening, Heather (Antonia Willans) is still up when someone in a terrifying bunny costume, hacks her up with a pair of shears. The next day, several of the revelers wake up covered in blood.


After arguing about what to do, they settle on a cover up so it does not ruin their futures.


Fast forward in the future and everyone is sent invitations to an Easter reunion, their invitations signed, Heather. Lurking in the bushes, in the back ground, is someone wielding a hammer. Carl (Michael Hoad) and Amy (May Kelly) catch up and Carl is still struggling with what they did and the fact that Zara (Sarah Alexandra Marks) took her own life.


The others are gathering on the lawn trying to figure out who invited them all here. No ideas so they decide to wait and try to enjoy their weekend. Meanwhile, Marty (Lee Hancock) finds an old bloody bunny costume head and brings it inside and they find an Easter clue. It seems, they are having a scavenger hunt.


One clue is a voice recorder, telling them to be ready for dinner at 8 and it’s Heather’s voice. They decide to stay for dinner in the hopes of finding out who’s doing this.


On the table is another recorder and more clues. The recording says they want to know what happened to Heather and other secrets the group is hiding. So they go over their memories of that fateful night.


In another room, decorated for a party with a sign up that says murderer, there’s another clue, another recorder, a question is asked and a count down from 10 for the answer. No answer. Someone dies. At first they think it’s hoax but no, they’re wrong.


They should have left when they had the chance.



This is a low budget indie slasher. The story is pretty good, it’s paced well and the kills aren’t bad and there’s a lot of blood splatter. The fight scenes are pretty weak but the mystery kind of makes up for it. There are flashbacks but a lot of the same moment. The bunny killer is pretty creepy and it’s like an old slasher, you won’t guess the reason, it’s a whole unknown backstory. It has that Happy Birthday to Me story formula and that 90s horror feel.