Macabre…ish Horror Review: Eat Locals



Eat Locals, 2017/ 1 hr 34 min


Vampire leaders gather at a farmhouse to discuss quotas. If anyone goes over the allotted quota or feeding on children, they are executed. One member, Vanessa, suggests her guest, Sebastien (Billy Cook), as a replacement to fill the vacant spot but he is rejected by Peter. Sebastien flees when he realizes what’s happening but instead of killing him, they keep him as food. He is kept in the basement with the farmhouse owners, The Thatchers.


Meanwhile, outside are soldiers who suddenly open fire on the farmhouse and the vampires return fire. One, Larousse (Mackenzie Crook), a religious man want them wiped off the face of the earth. But Bingham (Robert Portal), seeing dollar signs, want to take one ‘alive’ for scientific research.


It’s a chaotic firestorm and some vampires are taken prisoner and hung on frames to wait for sunrise. Afterward representative of a cosmetic company takes samples of the one unexpected vampire that remains.


But one is still left at the farmhouse, Boniface (Tony Curran) and he takes care of the soldiers and only agrees to free Henry (Charlie Cox) if he can have The Duke’s (Vincent Regan) quota. Sebastien is still alive and escapes into the forest where there’s a military vehicle, he agrees to be the driver for the remaining vampires, Angel (Freema Agyeman) included because they cannot drive during the day.

This is an English horror comedy, there is more CG than physical effects and so it is not as graphic, the kills are not gory. The humor is dark and the vampires are not scary unless they change. Recognizable names and good pacing.