Macabre...ish Horror Review: ELI


Eli, 2019/ 1 hr 38 min


A boy, Eli (Charlie Shotwell), with an immunodeficiency gets treatment at a specialized facility and it is immediately suspect. He’s seeing things. And the longer he stays there, the worse it gets.


The interactions become more physical and violent, interacting with him more and more and on top of that the series of treatment doesn’t seem to be working. And the things the doctor says are not adding up.


A neighbor girl befriends him outside facility, they talk at the window. She says she doesn’t like the doctor and another kid, Perry, from before said he saw ghosts too but then she never saw him again.


Eli soon believes that the spirits might be trying to save him, rather than hurt him. But he needs to find out before he gets that third treatment. This place is not what he was told. Frankly, there’s something not right about all of it. His parents, the neighbor girl, something’s wrong with all of it.


This movie has lots of jump scares and kept my attention to the end. The effects are good and the ghosts are creepy. I did not see this going the way it went. Good story and concept. Well done!