Macabre…ish Horror Review: End of Days Inc.




End of Days Inc., 2015/ 1 hr 23 min



Godfrey Global Inventory is closing and the employees must process the last of the  inventory. It must all be labelled dormant.


Mr. Godfrey (Paulino Nunez) then hands out invitations to everyone for a farewell swoiree instead of the severance they were expecting. The employees decide to go once they are told that the severance pay will be handed out at the party.


So they all go home to prepare for the party that is back at work at 7:06 on the dot. They arrive and it is sparse, awkward and boring. And frankly, Mr Godfrey is a strange man. He wants to play duck duck goose.


Afterward, as employees get their time cards punched from active to terminated, something happens and it happens to Mort (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) first.  He dies and when they look at his severance, it’s a million dollars.


Mr. Godfrey let’s them know that the deadline is dawn, he’s asking them to work one more night. And the employees take that to mean they get a million dollar severance if they work until dawn. The party was just a weird ruse.


At this point, the employees are starting to ask questions. None of this is making any sense. When another employee, Jason (Mark O’Brien) accidentally drops a box with Australia stamped on it, on the ground, scattering the contents, at that exact moment a news cast comes on and reports a massive earthquake in Australia.


Then another employee, Janet (Carolyne Maraghi), decides she just wants to go home and the minute Mr. Godfrey touches her time card, she begins to choke. She changes her mind, he puts the time card away and she’s fine.


Receptionist, Misty, knows it’s all wrong but she just wants to focus on the money and want’s no one to ruin it for her. Even when Mort, is resurrected by having his timecard re-marked as active. But he’s not himself, he’s like a brand new, primal human. He’s not a zombie though, Mr. Godfrey calls him post dormant.


When the Caribbean Islands are labelled dormant by Misty, then the news announces the Caribbean Islands are no more, after an earthquake. Now she’s beginning to get on board with everyone else.


They need to call someone and get help but without Mr. Godfrey or the very elderly, Esther (Anna Ferguson) knowing. Misty finds out,  Esther is unusually strong, when they end up in a fist fight and she loses.


And while on the phone with 911, Janet listens as the world ends for the operator. There is no help. If something is going to stop the end of the world, it has to be one of the employees. The other alternative is to negotiate for their lives. They enlist the aid of a janitor, Oola (Yulia Petrauskas), who uses her pickpocketing skills to try to help but Mr. Godfrey is a unique person who is not quite what he seems. This entire company isn’t what it seems.



This sci fi comedy was directed by Jennifer Liao. This reminds me of Netherbeast Incorporated, it’s odd and kind of wacky with a dark bent to it. Many of the characters are strange and a compliment to the storyline. It’s slightly dystopian and minimalist which really adds to the story and the score is perfect. I enjoyed this.


P.S. If you use captions on Tubi, they do not come close to lining up with the respective moments.