Macabre...ish Horror Review: Escape Room



Escape Room, 2019/ 1 hr 39 min


Set in Chicago a group of people from all different walks of life, each receive a package, inside is a personalized card with an inspirational message and an intriguing black box inside. It’s an invitation. They all arrive at sleek tower and wait in a waiting room.

 The rule is to escape before the time runs out. The prize, $10,000 and no one has won yet. They are surprised when the game suddenly begins and no one told them. The first solved clue starts a very dangerous chain of events, they suddenly realize this escape room is deadly.

There also is no game master, no hints, no help outside of the clues. And no way out, you just have to play your way out of danger. And apparently into more danger.

The clues, answers and challenges are often based on the players’ traumas and pasts. With each room, it gets harder and more dangerous, it seems like they almost have to lose someone to make it to the next room.

 And then the end comes and we find out what the point of the Escape Room is. The game ends awesomely and the movie, surprisingly, does and does not end in the same way they usually do. 

This movie starts right in the middle! If you liked Cube, Fermat’s Room or Alice in Borderland, you’ll probably like this. It is trippy and very well done. Good effect but not particularly graphic or gory, there are some moments but it’s over all, pretty tame for what it is. I really enjoyed this!

P.S. Another diverse, well balanced movie where all the minorities don’t die first!