Macabre...ish Horror Review: Escape Room


Escape Room, 2017/ 1 hr 21 min.


After a birthday dinner the party is continued and they head to an Escape Room. On the way they must give up their phones, wallets and empty their pockets. They are allowed nothing but their wits.

Their view is obscured in the vehicle and they have no idea where they are going and the driver isn’t talking. Even the person who’s idea it is has no idea where it is or where her invitation came from. It’s all a mystery and they are going in blind.

 They are each, but one, blind folded and led inside separate rooms, some individual and some pairs, then the game begins. Even though they are in separate rooms they have to sold puzzles to free themselves and get to each other and they have 41 minutes to reach one of them who is trapped, nude in a cage somewhere. They see her on a monitor and there is a clock counting down.

At first it’s kind of fun and interesting. Except, it only gets harder and dangerous, very dangerous. This is not a game for fun but survival. If they don’t play their way out, then this place might become their tomb.

This Escape Room is as good as the first, even though it’s not as intricate and expensive. This was surprisingly graphic and gory and has a somewhat Saw feel to it. But it seems short, I wish there was more.