Macabre…ish Horror Review: Escape Room 2





Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions, 2021/ 1 hr 28 min



Continuing from the first, the 2 surviving players, Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller), of the game decide to try to find, expose and shut down the creators of this deadly game. One of them get’s cold feet at the airport and the other has a panic attack while boarding.


Meanwhile, an architect of the game, Henry (James Frain) is having marital problems and when his wife is ready to end it, he creates a game just for her. And he’s become obsessed with killing Zoey.


While on the road trip to Minos, the company behind the games, they struggle with panic attacks and night terrors, a remnants of game trauma. They do find the site of where Minos should be, days before it was bustling with activity, now it’s a derelict building. They are promptly mugged and chase the guy onto the train but the train is not what it appears.


It’s the start of a new game. With four new players : Rachel (Holland Roden), Brianna (Indya Moore), Nathan (Thomas Cocquerel), and Theo (Carlito Olivero) and they have all played before and survived. The first game, the company comes out swinging…it involves and electrified train car that has a bag with a towel, a handle and rubber liner in it. The longer they take the more electrified it becomes. Somehow they have to figure it out without being electrocuted to death.


And each game just gets harder but familiar. More parameters, more moving parts, ingenuity and more games within games. I’m not sure this is meant to be survived.


This story has a twist though, as does the game.



This is a good continuation to a good movie. Good effects, graphic but not gory or bloody. It was a pretty easy watch, with a good ending, set up for a potential continuation.