Macabre...ish Horror Review: Evil Dead 2



Evil Dead 2, 1987/ 84 min.



Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend, Linda go on a romantic vacation to a cabin. He plays a tape recorder belonging to the previous inhabitants, he recited incantations and unleashed hilarious and horrific spirits. Linda is quickly changed, killed and buried. Then Ash gets a full blast of it. But only until dawn.


Afterward Ash desperately tries to escape and finds the way out blocked and has to return to the cabin for cover and Deadite Linda’s still animated body, digs itself out of it’s grave. Then her headless body attacks him with a chainsaw after her head bites his hand. When his hand tries to kill him, he has to cut it off. Then chase it down with a shotgun to try to kill it.


Meanwhile, the daughter, Anne, of the previous inhabitants is on her way to the cabin with her research partner, a group of locals and missing pages of the necronomicon. Finding the cabin destroyed, they assume Ash killed her parents and lock him in the cellar. Anne discovers the truth via tape recorder. While Ash deals with her mother in the cellar.


Anne translates the missing incantations and the woods attack the house and a portal is opened, drawing deadites, forest, Ash and his Olds inside. He arrives in a land of knights, the year 1300 A.D.


Gorier and bloodier than the first, more deranged and more fun.