Macabre...ish Horror Review: Evil Ed

Evil Ed, 1995/ 99 min. Edward, a mild mannered film tech, enjoys his job until he’s transferred to the ‘Splatter and Gore’ Department. Here he’s forced to edit hours of nasty, gruesome video footage. He’s soon traumatized by the onscreen violence and begins to lose his grip on reality.


Soon he starts seeing body parts everywhere. He’s not slicing bread, he’s carving up an arm! The characters aren’t staying on film where they belong and they’re everywhere. It’s like he’s being haunted by horror movie characters and scenes from movies become real. 


These hallucinations begin to affect his reality with devastating and tragic results. Except Ed doesn’t know it, he’s slipping too far from reality. 



This Swedish movie is for the gore fan! It’s over the top graphic, violent, bloody, gory, body parts are everywhere, it’s ridiculous. Lots of effects and buckets of blood. There’s brief nudity and adult language. The movie is in English and offers English subtitles.



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