Macabre...ish Horror Review: Exam


Exam, 2009/ 1 hr 41 min. Eight candidates arrive for an employment assessment exam. Each desk has one sheet of paper on it with the word Candidate, followed by a number. The Invigilator, a company representative, explains that the exam is 80 minutes and consists of just one question but there are three rules. 1. The Candidates must not talk to The Invigilator or the armed guard, that’s in the room, 2. May not spoil your paper, 3. May not leave the room. If they do then they are disqualified. He asks if there are any questions? Then leaves the room.



They immediately began the exam, to discover their papers are blank. The first candidate is immediately disqualified for spoiling her paper, when she writes on it. And is ejected by the guard. After she leaves, the remaining candidates realize they can talk to each other because it’s not against the rules. One candidate takes control by giving each of them names based on attributes. White, Black, Brown, Brunette, Blond, Deaf and Dark, choosing to remain anonymous to each other. 


In the next hour they decide to use, water, lights, bodily fluids, after deciding that their pages may be concealing hidden text. In doing so, they vandalize the room and set off the fire sprinklers etc. When none of that works, they try to discover the purpose of the exam and the secretive company’s nature that they’re seeking employment. They pool all the knowledge they have of the company collectively and conclude that they have developed a treatment for the viral pandemic that afflicts a lot of the population. One of the candidates, White, announces he has discovered the answer and he’s not sharing and chaos ensues. Brown punches him in the face and ties him to a chair.



He then turns his attention to Dark and tortures her until she reveals she works for the company. Deaf is forced to spoil his paper. Dark is manipulated into talking to the Invigilator and being ejected. Blond is told to leave the room by gun point when White commandeers the guard. Black is shot. 



By the end, nothing is what it seems. The truth is revealed and the most deserving candidate wins. 



This is a great movie! It’s low budget and the entire movie takes place in one room and with 9 people. It’s a good story with a good concept and it was cast well. It’s not a horror but a very good thriller. Enjoy!


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