Macabre...ish Horror Review: Exit Humanity




Exit Humanity, 2011/ 113 min. The American Civil War is finally over and with the end of the war brings the beginning of something else, an outbreak of the walking dead. Edward Young is out hunting and upon his return he discovers his wife, Julia, is a zombie and his 11 year old son, Adam, is missing. He struggles with the loss and copes with his trauma and nightmares



by journaling his experience of this nightmare and hunting down the walking dead and hoping, in the interim, to find Adam. 



And he does find his son, undead, and puts him out of his misery. Soon hunger and weariness leads him to a village. It is seemingly empty, surrounding it are heads on pikes.



He runs into Isaac, who decides not to kill and eat him, because he’s too skinny. So he decides that the 2 of them will rescue his sister from General Williams bunker, he heads a gang of pillagers and kidnappers.


On the way, the General and his boys find them and waylays Edward, kidnapping him and taking him to his bunker. The General is chasing a rumor that someone is immune to the virus and he wants to take advantage of that opportunity, if it exists. He kidnaps living people and infects them to see if they turn.



And we discover the secret of this outbreak and how to stop it. Something terrible happened to a Lady and she became pregnant and was sentenced to death after an abortion. Her sister cursed everyone to get her vengeance. And everyone pays.


Good cinematography plus the addition of animation, which is a pretty cool surprise! The story is also narrated, between that, the cinematography and animation, it does something to elevate this zombie movie.  And although it is a western, it’s still graphic, bloody and gory. 


So so if you like historical, westerns, civil war and zombies, then you’re in for a treat! I really like this movie.


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