Macabre...ish Horror Review: Extinction


Extinction, 2018/ 1 hr 35 min.



An engineer, Peter (Michael Peña), is having an existential crisis. Just in time for terrible nightmares about the apocalypse! He begins to think that they are visions from the future, warnings. He sees himself covered in blood and their building reduced to shrapnel, the landscape, a barron wasteland.


He tries to continue his life as normal all the while trying to reassure his wife he doesn’t need therapy. But the nightmares are only getting worse, along with the near certainty that he’s seeing the future.


Then one day lights and what appears to be meteorites fall from the sky and a concussive force blows out all the windows in the area, damaging buildings throwing people off of their feet. Drone gunships spray areas with signs of life. Then scouts enter to clear the buildings. This is all very familiar to Peter.


They have to make it 10 blocks to Peter’s workplace, the most secure place he could think of. Once there and along the way, there are SO many revelations. It’s nice to be surprised! Good movie!



This would be a good accompaniment to Skyline and certainly Battle: Los Angeles because Michael Peña is in Battle: Los Angeles. If not for the ending of both, you could almost think this was a sequel, story line running concurrently. This is sci-fi thriller, some blood and it’s graphic.