Macabre...ish Horror Review: Fallen



Fallen, 1998/ 124 min.



Philadelphia P.D. Det. John Hobbs, tells the story of how he almost died. He visits a serial killer that he helped catch on the day of his execution, Edgar Reese, who is in a great mood for a man about to be executed. He grabs Hobbs’ hand and speaks gibberish that turns out to be Aramaic.



The execution goes off without a hitch and life goes on, deaths too, as murders begin to stack up, reminiscent of Reese’s M.O. and it is assumed to be a copy cat.



Hobbs, following the clues of this copy cat and the late, Reese, and he’s led to a woman who’s father, a former cop accused of demonic killings, killed himself, alone in his cabin. That was 30 years before, he heads to the lake house and finds books about demonic possession and the name Azazel, on a basement wall, under layers of grime.



He discovers Azazel is a fallen angel that can possess a person with a touch. He also realizes that this angel failed to possess him and has been warned that he will never stop and that his victory is inevitable. So Hobbs decides to confront the Angel, Azazel counters by taunting him and possessing his family members.


He continues by entering witnesses and framing Hobbs for the murders. It’s become a terrible cat and mouse game, if both cat and mouse were playing chess. Hobbs has to protect his family, defend himself against accusations of murder and outplay an Angel before it’s too late.



Great concept and story with a phenomenal cast. It’s engaging and definitely doesn’t seem as long as it is. Narrated by Denzel Washington and a great ending! This is a mystery thriller and it get’s creepy and intense. Very well done.


 Want to watch?!! It’s here on itunes. Enjoy! 



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