Macabre...ish Horror Review: Fear Itself Series



Fear Itself Series, 1 Season, 2008/ 13 episodes


New Years.

It’s New Years morning and a young woman, Helen, goes to bed with booze and pills, she wakes up sick and hears screaming, upon looking out the window, she sees, well, she doesn’t know. It looks like a war going on outside.


Helen checks on her roommate and neighbor but something’s wrong, she finds  blood and lots of it. She hears on the radio that there’s an infection and to stay away from the infected. But she can’t find anyone though she senses them around.


She makes a phone call but the person on the other end can’t hear her but apologizes for earlier and invites her to James, her boyfriend’s, house, it’s supposed to be safe. She finally leaves and finds her neighbor, now zombie, in the hall. Her roommate is also a zombie and he follows her around the city.


And everyone she runs into that’s alive ends up inexplicable dying. She’s accused of hurting people she knows she didn’t hurt. It doesn’t make any sense, then it does. Then we, the viewer, sees what happened and the reality of the situation, it’s a good concept.


This is a vignette on the second disc, side b of the Fear Itself compilation. This is a graphic and gory, there are flashbacks and a good story! Cory Monteith and Niall Matter is in this episode.


I really enjoy this series, it casts a broad net and is very entertaining. But beware, they do not have happily ever after endings. Frankly they end pretty brutally.


Trigger alert: woman is beaten badly by a man