Macabre…ish Horror Review: Fear PHarm 2



Fear Pharm 2, 2020/ 1 hr 19 min

A guy gets lost in the maze and a crazy scientist kidnaps him for experimentation because the supposed gene she is looking for is only present in red heads.. But he’s too lean, she needs larger red heads because she needs a lot more skin. And she needs is the support of her terrified husband. The maze could provide a wealth of prospective victims.


Soon, it’s a family business, even after Florence and one their son’s gone, the business continues. Complete with employees dressed in costume, that work the maze to get the people they need and kill the ones they don’t


One day, a victim escapes the barn and flees into the maze. And they have to find him without alarming the other guests.


Speaking of the people in the barn. They are all under anesthesia, on cots and it looks like someone has been shaving grafts of skin from their bodies. They start to wake up and escape back into the maze, that is filled with traps. But they aren’t just running and hiding, they are holding their own.


Meanwhile, the owners of this organization have to keep them from escaping so they are not found out and they have to stop production of their product until they do. What’s the product, you ask?  Anti aging face cream.


This is for low budget horror fans! This is a violent, bloody, gore fest with some 3D splash moments. There are some serious overkills and crazy splashes but some of the cast and effects aren’t great. Lots of different weapons and sometimes hilarious methods of death.

Also, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, Judge Judy’s bailiff, is in this!


Cast: John Littlefield, Aimee Stolte, Tiana Tuttle, Taelyn Lewis, Brittany Bardwell, Mason Greer, Jessica Chancelor, Meghan Carrasquillo