Macabre...ish Horror Review: Feardotcom


Feardotcom, 2002/ 101 min.


Victims are turning up around over New York, bleeding from their eyes including other orifices and ending up dead. Getting the attention of the Department of Health and NYPD. And after infectious disease is ruled out, Det. Mike Reilly and Heath Dept. Researcher Terry Huston partner to find the cause.


After originally finding nothing to connect the victims, an examination of their computers’ shows they crashed just before they each died. After forensic testing, it is discovered that they all visited a site called



The site shows horrific torture and murder that leads to the watcher becoming paranoid, hallucinating and eventually going insane. All who watch, die after 2 days.



After Mike and Terry watch, they then have 2 days to find out what’s going on and how to stop it. And it’s pretty horrific.



Expect nudity and violence.

This movie is eerie and score is stellar. This movie always puts me on edge.



 Who knew a little girl with no pigment could be so terrifying?





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