Macabre...ish Horror Review: Feral




Feral, 2017/ 92 min.



The movie opens with a badly ripped up human tied to a bed and person waiting nearby with a gun.


Next scene is 6 friends on a camping trip, hiking to their camp site. They are lost and frankly, over it. When they finally camp and bond over the fire, they begin to get freaked out by the noise in the forest, they dismiss them as dogs. After, a terrible proposal a man is gutted by a zombie.



It’s fast as hell, moves and attacks like a quadruped and roars like a lion. Starts at the abdomen instead of going for brains. Also they are nocturnal, mostly active at night. And they look like the zombies from french movie, Mutants. The original one, looks like John Malkovich. They are terrifying!




Luckily, the remaining four are found and sheltered by the only person that lives within 50 miles of civilization. And it gets worse quickly, as mistakes and misunderstandings threaten all of their lives and well meaning ignorance, seals their fate.



This movie has like 10 people in it, 3 of those were zombies and others turned and it was still pretty good even though there weren’t many people in it and the zombies were ferocious enough for it to not matter too much. It’s more like the beginning of a zombie apocalypse than the end. The monster and wound effects are good! Not the typical zombie look. Not as gory and bloody as zombie movies go but what there is, is pretty good.


This is a gay inclusive movie