Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ferryman


The Ferryman is a crazy movie from the very beginning, the first 60 seconds has a man beating the heck out of another man on a ship on a treacherous sea. The fight ends when one man stabs the other in the neck but not before he’s harpooned in the chest. Then the man who was stabbed in the chest, hacks up the other man and throws his parts in the ocean. So this movie is seriously violent everyone because that happened in the first minute of the movie. 


The next scene is a bright beautiful day and tourists are chartering a boat to Fiji. They catch a shark a while later and as they’re gutting it, a human hand slides out of its belly. At some point they hear a distress signal over the rain and head toward the ship that sent it and that was a mistake. Finally upon arriving at the ship, that’s seemingly deserted, they find a man. The man from the first minute of the movie! He’s invited back to their boat and curiously, there is no wound from him being stabbed in the neck. And he now has the knife that he was originally stabbed with. Suddenly out of nowhere he walks up to one of the guests on the ship and stabs him in the abdomen. But...this man also doesn’t have a wound when they go to put pressure on it. 


Something really weird is going on, the rescued man had a very distinct back tattoo and after he stabbed one of the passengers, that passenger not only doesn’t have a stab wound in his gut, he also now has that tattoo. Also the rescued sailor went overboard after stabbing the passenger then reboards the original ghost ship, later, passes a mirror and screams “It’s not me!” at his reflection. The man who now has the back tattoo is having an intimate moment with his girl and she knows somethings really wrong because it doesn’t feel right and this intimate moment devolves into a sexual assault. So beware of that, you’ve been warned...


This movie is not scary but horrific and still pretty good, about half way through you realize what’s happening and as that tattoo moves from person to person, carnage gets worse and destruction gets worse. Meanwhile, there’s one survivor who knows somewhat, what’s going on and he’s going to try to stop it. In one night almost everyone is attacked and fighting for survival before this boat also becomes a ghost ship. Pretty good ending and twists and turns the whole way. 


So to recap, lots of violence in this movie, for men, women and animals. Sexual violence. Blood, dismemberments and drownings. This movie just keeps coming at you! At only 100 minutes long, there’s a lot going on here. Also there are English and Spanish subtitles. Enjoy, gore hounds!


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