Macabre...ish Horror Review: Fido




Fido, 2006/ 1 hr 33 min.



Radiation from outer space, turns the dead into zombies in the 1950s in this alternative universe. The result was Zombie Wars, in an effort to stop the inevitable zombie apocalypse and the living, win. But zombies continue to exist as the dead turn.


In an attempt to continue living normally, neighborhoods are fenced and the dead controlled by remote controlled collars created by governing corporation, Zomcon. These collars control their hunger, keeping them docile, as they go about their deaths as slaves.


In the town of Willard, appearace obsessed, Helen (Carrie Anne Moss) buys a zombie (Billy Connolly) against her husband’s wishes because they were the only people in the neighborhood who doesn’t have one. Her husband is a funeral obsessed zombiephobe. Ever since he, Bill (Dylan Baker) had to kill his own father who tried to eat him. Their lonely son, Timmy (K’Sun Ray), befriends the zombie and names him Fido.


Fido’s collar malfunction and he causes an outbreak in the community, that Timmy tries to clean up the killing zombie that Fido created but it’s to late. The first death is then blamed on some local bullies  after one shoots the other and then is eaten by Fido, and who previously shot a Zomcon officer.


Even without a functional collar Fido doesn’t kill Timmy and still responds to his commands. While all this is happening, Bill and Helen’s marriage continues to crumble and Bill wants less and less to do with his own son.


And when evidence was found that Fido might have started the outbreak, the family does whatever they have too, to avoid scrutiny. Because the penalty for your zombie causing an outbreak is high.


I liked this. It was fun. Somewhat bloody and gory, interesting zombie concept. Lots of recognizable faces.