Macabre...ish Horror Review: Flesh Eating Mother’s


Flesh Eating Mothers, 1989/ 90 min.


Ever worry all the Mom’s in your town might turn into flesh eating cannibals? No! Then you don’t live in suburbia in this 1989 campy horror! I was reminded of this movie on instagram when I asked...


And I’m glad because it was a horrorble hoot!


And you don’t have to wait long for the carnage to begin, it starts before the credits. And this movie is oddly filled with dysfunction, from spousal abusers, binge eaters, cheaters and sibling abuse. And let’s not forget the husband that’s screwing his way through town. Plus everyone, including the minors, are adults!



One morning some of the women in town become insatiably hungry. It starts with food, continues with family members and ends with them eating out of dumpsters. Whatever is happening seems to be spreading. They’re not just hungry but strong and imbued with the ability to bite through chains.



And when the body’s of the women, who are killed after being caught eating someone, are being examined they are whisked away by a government agency.


Turns out this is the result of a virus and there could be a cure.



This movie is terrible. Hilariously terrible! From the hilarious lines and moments that are meant to be pivotal, end up being comical. The scariest moments are actually upsetting, they involve a toddler aged kid. Otherwise it’s pretty weird but still oddly entertaining. The effects are glorious 80s terribleness and hysterical.


If you can find this movie anywhere and you’re bored out of your mind, get the marshmallows or the wine! You’re in for a terrible treat :) 




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