Macabre...ish Horror Review: For We Are Many


For We Are Many, 2020/ 80 min


This an anthology of tales from 13 filmmakers from around the world. From a monster stalking two men on a quest and a man bringing home a couple of creepy cultists, to his pregnant wife but they turn out to be much worse than expected. Water demons, wendigo, deals with the devil.

This series has lots of demonic and monstrous beings, superstitions come to life and magic.

Lots of different historical, including modern settings. Many different variations of effects but all pretty well done in terms of their respective stories. Some aren’t perfect but the stories are solid.

The stories all generally have some level of graphic violence and physical effects in them.

Plus a host who calls himself Legion, holds the book and introduces the tales. Which are very short but just enough in many cases. I really enjoyed this!

P. S. You’ll recognize some of the actors, for instance...from Hellraiser and Human Centipede 2.  And the director of Eli’s House (also Knucklebones!) came for a chat. Clear here to listen!