Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ford Brother’s The Dead




The Dead, 2010/ 105 min.


A U.S. Air Force Engineer, Lt. Brian Murphy is the only survivor of a plane crash, off the coast of West Africa, the last group of evacuees of zombie infection pandemic.



After spending the night at sea, he collects essentials from the wreckage and travels on foot through zombie ravaged villages. Searching for a ride and safety.



While searching for rescue he partners with a local soldier gone AWOL, Daniel Dembele who is searching for his son after finding his family slaughtered in their village.



The two survive together, for a while. Each will find what the other seeks. Neither will find what they sought for themselves.


This is a good movie. Well made and suspenseful. Very gory, graphic and violent. The physical effects are well done. More emotional than other zombie movies. I really liked the main characters and it’s not as action packed as zombie flicks tend to be but well done. Frankly it’s bleak and part of it feels like a National Geographic documentary of the zombie apocalypse in Africa.


There’s also a sequel that takes place in India.







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