Macabre...ish Horror Review: Found Footage 3D



Found Footage 3D, 2016/ 108 min.


A group of film makers head to a remote area in Central Texas to make a movie! The first ever 3D found footage movie called Spectre of Death.


So they head out to Gonzales to visit a supposed haunted house, old Rufus Mitchell’s place, off the river. And they have been warned by the locals, not to go.



They arrive at a dilapidated but still furnished house that looks like people just walked out of their lives and never returned.



So the entire movie is behind the scenes of the movie they are making. Including arguing, fighting, strife in general. Including the boring stuff. So the movie is exactly as advertised but you have to wait for the horror, which was pretty good. One character was kind of funny and a pair of exes are insufferable. And I was worried this flick might be a dud.



It’s 31 minutes in before anything happens and 48 minutes before I was startled. And an hour 20 minutes in, I just about had a heart attack. Both from it being so shocking and because it took a while to get there. From here to the end is very nice but maaaan, getting to it, took some time.


Also this was the only one worried and also hilarious! 

Expect an adult scene. Violence. There’s very little blood but when there’s gore, there’s a ton of it. And jump scares.










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