Macabre...ish Horror Review: Frayed


Frayed is about a murderous clown, who escapes from an asylum and goes on a murderous rampage on his way back to his childhood home. The story of his coming to the asylum is, when he was a little kid, his mother was bludgeoned to death in his room by a clown. But it is believed that he murdered his mother but because he was so traumatized he couldn’t defend himself from the accusation, so he was locked away.


This movie, is very well done, but you have to pay attention or you’ll miss it! Because it’s more about the story than the kills. There are lots of twists but it didn’t feel like they were trying to hard. It just feels like a complicated story told well. The kills are gruesome and graphic, bloody and gory. The kill effects are well done, imaginative even. The ones we see, anyway, can be described as overkill but I expect overkill in a slasher movie.


There are lots of deaths but more aftermath is shown than kills. The pace is pretty good and they don’t make you wait the entire movie for something to happen. In fact, the first one happens in the first few minutes of the movie. Also, expect plenty of flashbacks. It all comes together by the end and expect a heartbreaking ending.


I really enjoyed it! It’s 111 minutes long with English and Spanish subtitles. Enjoy, friendly horrorphiles!


P.S. Keep watching through the beginning credits but before the black screen credits...



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