Macabre…ish Horror Review: Freaks of Nature



Freaks of Nature, 2015/ 1 hr 32 min


This is Dilford, Oh, home to 3 species who are enemies: humans, zombies and vampires. Vampires (Succubus) are at the top, of the food chain and the top in social status. They even go to school and they are the cool kids.


Zombies (Shambler) on the other hand are controlled by collar and sequestered to ghettos. Humans live somewhere in between, being terrified of both vampires and zombies, though they see zombies as below them. They each have their own communities and try to exist in the same place.


The local meat packing plant fired all of the human workers and replaced them with zombies who are much cheaper labor.


Human outcasts are changing sides, a teen, Ned (Josh Fadem), lets a zombie bite him so he doesn’t have to think or be smart anymore. Which doesn’t work at all. Another teen, Petra (Mackenzie Davis), is bitten by a vampire, Milan (Ed Westwick), changing her. And just when Dag (Nicolas Braun) is about to score with Lorelei (Vanessa Hudgens), Dilford  is invaded by aliens.


This invasion triggers all out war when the residents think the invasion is infighting between the three groups. Former friends Ned, Petra and Dag take cover in the local doomsday nut, Stewart’s (Patton Oswalt), bunker. While hiding out, Ned and Petra sate their hunger with Stewart and his mom.


Seeking cover at school, the trio fight about their former friendship and how it fell apart. They also realize the aliens cannot see them if they are naked. And Ned figures out what the aliens want. But the 3 groups have to work together to survive the aliens.


When the aliens lecture them on getting along, the groups join together to fight the aliens. Meanwhile, Dag fights Milan to protect Petra and as he’s getting wrecked, he heals his broken limbs as he turns into a werewolf.


When the aliens try to leave an atomic parting gift, a zombie catches it and a werewolf tosses it back into the ship, exploding it.



This is directed by Robbie Pickering and it’s fun! All of our favorite monsters in one movie and it’s balanced pretty well! Very good cast, good monster effects and acting, good transformations and vampire explosions. It’s also violent and funny! Also in this is Bob Odenkirk, Joan Cusack, Denis Leary, Pat Healy and Keegan-Michael Key. Well done!