Macabre...ish Horror Review: Freddy vs Jason



Freddy vs Jason, 2003


Somehow people have forgotten about Freddy Krueger and he has lost his ability to haunt people’s dreams, so he has decided that he really doesn’t like that, nor does he like Hell. So he comes up with a plan to to resurrect Jason.


With Jason killing his way through town, fear is up to a fever pitch, just enough to refuel Freddy’s ability to haunt the dreams once again. But Freddy over estimated his ability to control Jason, he is, as expected, uncontrollable.


Meanwhile, Westin Hills, the local psych hospital is filled with locals under heavy sedation that keep their dreams under control and the return of Freddy. Until now. So some kids, escapees from the hospital and some of their friends, come up with a horrible plan to trap Freddy in one of their dreams and drag him into reality and force a showdown between him and Jason.



Inexplicably, the plan works. The rest of the plan is for this ill fated meeting to take place in Camp Crystal Lake.


Twice the slasher fun and twice the terrible ideas that kind of work but also gets a lot of people killed! So, still terrible but in that good slasher horror kinda way. Add Freddy’s wit in your dreams to Jason’s lumbering when you’re awake and no one, anywhere is safe!!



It’s fun, fast moving, gruesome and graphic with crazy kills! There are lots of recognizable faces in this one, some adult scenes and graphic effects.


Wanna watch?! It’s available here, on itunes. Enjoy!!  





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