Macabre...ish Horror Review: Friday The 13th


Friday the 13th, 1980/ 95 min. The beginning of the Camp Crystal Lake Saga. 

Camp Crystal Lake is being reopened years after a boy, Jason, drowned there in 1957, in 1958 two kids were murdered, fires, bad water etc. The locals consider the place cursed. Either way, the camp has been recently purchased and is set to reopen just in time for Summer.


Camp staff are arriving in town and making their way there to help with the grand reopening. And right from the beginning, there are problems, even as staff are arriving, mostly by hitchhiking, they are being killed off. And in a way that they aren’t missed, half are killed before the ones left realize anything is wrong.


With no easy way out of Camp Crystal Lake, disabled vehicle, cut phone wires...the only thing left to do is barricade the doors and wait for help. And finally help arrives in the form of an old friend of the Christie’s, Mrs. Voorhees. Is she there to help? She’ll do anything to keep the camp from reopening and she has. And why?? Because Jason was her son and he should’ve been watched. It would seem Mrs. Voorhees has suffered some kind of psychotic break after Jason’s mishap. And now all Crystal Lake camp counselors have to pay.


P.S. You’ll recognize Kevin Bacon in this movie!



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