Macabre...ish Horror Review: Friday The 13th Part 2



Friday the 13th, Part 2, 1981/ 87 min.


A couple months after the murders as Camp Crystal Lake, there is only one survivor, Alice Hardy. She’s traumatized and as she tries to move on, she finds Pamela Voorhees decapitated head in her refrigerator, and she is subsequently killed upon seeing it.


Five years later, a camp counselor training camp is being hosted by Camp Counselor Paul and for some reason, he’s hosting it near Camp Crystal Lake. And he thinks it’s a great idea to tell stories of Jason Voorhees, to the trainees, around the camp fire. They are reassured that he’s just an urban legend.





Meanwhile, while some trainers are out on the town, Jason arrives. He kills everyone in the camp. One person is hacked in the face with a machete a couple is speared simultaneously while having sex, a person’s throat is slit while caught in a rope trap.



Ginny and Paul return and find the place in disarray, they scatter as Jason approaches and Ginny takes refuge in a shack in the woods. There she finds an altar with Pamela Voorhees’ head on it and bodies scattered around. Ginny tries to trick Jason by putting on his mother’s sweater but is thwarted by his mother’s head on the altar. Paul tries to save her but is overwhelmed and Ginny stabs Jason with the machete, seemingly killing him.




Paul and Ginny return to the cabin and after being startled by her dog, a maskless Jason bursts through the window and grabs Ginny.



I assumed that most of us have seen Friday the 13th, so I just have a description to remind us all, which one this is. Some kid in a wheel chair catches a machete to the face and Jason is wearing a bag over his head lol. And he uses all of the farming tools as weapons.



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