Macabre…ish Horror Review: Friday the 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines



Friday the 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines, 2022/ 1 hr 48 min


Elias Voorhees (C. J. Graham) has a plan to use Jason (Jason Brooks) to wipe the Jarvis family off the face of the Earth. The only people who have a chance at stopping Jason because the elder Jarvis, Tommy (Thom Mathews) has, twice before.


A group of friends led by Majors (Paul T. Taylor) pile into the old volvo for a volunteer search and rescue mission in search of Ashley Jarvis (Sanae Loutsis), who is presumably in some woods, searching for her father.


They are prepped to camp for the night if they have too and canvas the area with a grid search.


Meanwhile, Ashley is in an abandoned cabin searching for clues. She flees the place after being spooked and is injured.


The volunteer group locate the cabin after dark then set up camp for the night. And Jason finds them shortly there after. Todd is beheaded while spying on Zoe and Michelle  take a bathroom break. Coleman is disemboweled by Jason right after finding a man’s remains under a boat. When Majors goes to find him, Jason quickly tries to put the campfire out with his face.


Currently on fire himself, Jason goes after Zoe and Michelle, piercing Zoe’s skull on a pickaxe in a nearby tree. But good news, Ashley finds their camp with Majors still roasting in the camp fire.


After Michelle loses her glasses, she too is impaled then disemboweled by hand.


Ashley runs for help and the calvary arrives to the volunteers camp but too late. And of course, Deputy Forrester (Morgan Johnson) wants to blame Ashley and refuses to acknowledge that Jason is back. And Ashley is ordered to go to therapy.


Elias is also searching for Jarvis’ and enlists the aid of Walt (Tom McLoughlin), who is in the internment business with Arthur (Rob Mello), to recover the youngest Jarvis family member, Ashley.


Meanwhile, the local medical examiner (Sandra Scragg) is swamped with Jason’s victims including local prisoners and last night’s volunteers. Jason is hacking up everyone he can find.


Then Elias tortures Ashley to find out where her sister, Angelica (Kelly Tappan) is.


Finally, Deputy Forester sees Jason killing a whole road block full of people, including cops before he believes. And Jason isn’t just killing but slaughtering, he brutalizes everyone he comes in contact with.


Walt later discovers a misunderstanding that throws a wrench in Elias’ plan, his youngest must kill the youngest Jarvis for his plan to work. We find out Jason’s purpose and who’s been pulling the strings all along.


But the Jarvis Family has no plan to roll over and die.


This Friday the 13th fan film was directed by Jason Brooks. The physical effects and kills in this slasher are wild! Unbelievably graphic, violent and often painful to watch. This movie has some of the longest and varied kill sequences I’ve ever seen. Plus there are some solid fight scenes. The humor ranges from low brow to black comedy. There are some adult scenes and innuendos (Diana Prince (Kasey Poteet) is in this! This was a good and exhausting slasher!! Well done! Find the full feature on youtube free!