Macabre...ish Horror Review: Friend Request




Friend Request, 2016/ 92 min.



A student, Laura, is studying internet addiction disorder with herself as her case study because of her social media obsession. She also attracts the attention of a classmate, Marina, a loner and outcast who becomes fixated on her. She friends her on social, immediately thinks they are much closer than they are, she obsessively dm’s Laura and photoshops the two of them in pics together. And her timeline goes from dark and intriguing to disturbing. And when Marina isn't invited to her birthday party, she spirals out of control, leading Laura to unfriend her.


Afterward, really strange things begin happening, she's seeing impossible things.

Marina, commits suicide on cam. But no one knows where it happened. Also, the students find some weird facts about her, like her name wasn't Marina. In fact, all of her info was false, no one knows who she is. And her suicide video is circulating. The video was sent to Laura and somehow was posted to her social media page, plus Marina is somehow back on her Friend list.


Strangely, it looks like Laura was harassing 'Marina' instead of the other way around and it's beginning to impact her life and that of her friends. ‘Marina’ friends everyone on Laura’s friend list, then everyone begins to experience a terrifying alternate reality. But it's all real, real enough to kill them all. And as an added bonus, videos of their deaths are uploaded to Laura’s profile, as if she is posting them. And she can't delete them or her account. It's been hijacked.


The only way to stop this madness is to find out where Marina killed herself and her laptop. Maybe if they destroy it, this will end. Also, no matter how you think this might end, you're wrong 😉.


This a German English horror with English audio. The visuals are so nice! The effects are good and there are lots of jump scares. This movie is surprisingly graphic. I really enjoyed this!