Macabre...ish Horror Review: From Dusk Till Dawn 2



From Dusk Til Dawn 2, 1999/ 85 min.




Luther wants to get the old gang back together after he breaks out of prison and arranges a meeting with Buck in El Coyote Motel in Mexico.



Buck gets the team  together and arrive at the motel. When Luther hits a bat on his way to the meeting, it marks the beginning of the end.



It culminates in half of them being turned into vampires but they will not let that or the law that’s on their trail interfere with the bank job! So they prepare their car for their new vampiric state.


The bank job does not go well. More are turned into vampires while they’re in the bank and the police are trying to stop them. This is a story of a terrible idea executed by robbers who are bad at robbing and doing it in a location with a serious vampire infestation.



What ensues is death and undeath. A really unwise attempt at a double cross that ends as well as expected. Also there is sex/porn running through this entire movie. It’s either on their tv, background noise or their talking about it. And anything that’s even remotely cross-like is potentially deadly to these vampires.


This movie is uniquely nth degree in every way! It’s graphic, violent, gory and quite frankly relentless. If you’re in the mood for an over the top vampire flick, this is it!!



 This is a hilariously, violent vampire flick with a great cast! Always available on itunes. Enjoy! 







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