Macabre...ish Horror Review: From The Dark



From The Dark, 2014/ 99 min.



In Ireland, a man digging a hole in the ground is stopped by a wooden stake, upon further inspection discovers the stake was impaling a body, trussed up with rope and when he goes for a light for a closer look, the body is gone and he’s suddenly fighting for his life.



The next scene, a couple, Mark and Sarah, on their way to vacation are stranded in the middle of nowhere. When they find a wounded man in an old farmhouse and try to help him, he attacks, then when light it shone in his face, he jumps out of a window.




It’s crazy and now they’re ready to go back to the car. And while they’re fighting over being lost, Mark is snatched up and whatever did it was to fast to see. Whatever it is like sensitive and they have to stay in the light to be safe. But if even one little part of them is in the dark, they’re vulnerable.



Lots of jump scares in this movie. It’s also very dark and if you’re not watching closely, you’ll miss quite a bit. The cinematography and score do a good job of making it even creepier. Fantastic for a movie with only like 4 people in it. The effects are also very nice.


I have to say, this is one of the smarter flicks I’ve seen, one the action starts, they do everything you expect them too. It makes a lot of sense. And also makes it scarier because it seems like it could happen this way. This was a good late night flick!






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